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About MRN

“Missions Resource Network is achieving a high degree of cooperation among mission-minded churches and missionaries. . . and taps into the essence of what unity in Christ ought to be about: moving toward a common goal—the saving of souls.”

Dr. Royce Money
Abilene Christian University

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Missions Resource Network exists to help Churches of Christ plant strong congregations around the world.


Nearly 7 billion people reside on this planet and our population grows by two inhabitants every second!

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be 9.5 billion people living on Earth.

These are the demographics, but what is the religious picture? Those claiming adherence to any Christian faith account for only 33% of the world's population. Among this broad Christian community of 2 billion adherents globally, Churches of Christ claim less than 3 million members and nearly half of those reside in the U.S.

We American Christians need a more global vision, one that enables us to see people worldwide with spiritual eyes. Our wealth, technology, and numbers require that we accept our stewardship responsibility to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those without hope.

This stewardship calls us to join hands in collaboration with all believers, those in America and those around the world, to effectively use our cumulative resources to advance God's kingdom on this earth. The Lord has promised to 'be with us always.' It is God's global mission and now is the time!


Missions Resource Network was established in 1998, after four years of prayer discussions to discover how the mission efforts of Churches of Christ could be improved without violating the autonomy of the local church. The result was the formation of MRN as a central communications and facilitation ministry to spur more faithful stewardship in effective global outreach.

Our Mission: In submission to the Lord, we are a global NETWORK, equipping the body of Christ to STEWARD the MISSION of God.

Autonomous local churches are the God-ordained communities of faith for sending, supporting, and overseeing missionaries. Serving as a pivotal partner, Missions Resource Network provides churches with missions expertise, counsel, strategic planning, information, mission team preparation, missionary care services, and global vision to help churches do their job even more effectively.

From our offices near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, we are poised to provide our services to churches and missionaries across the country and around the world.

As a nonprofit ministry, led by a Board of Christian men and women, all gifts to the ministry are tax-exempt.

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Missions Resource Network helps churches to:

1 | Vision strategically
2 | Equip for missions
2 | Plant churches worldwide
2 | Nurture missionaries

1 | Vision strategically

As a 'big-picture' ministry, we facilitate collaboration in approaching the world's need for Christ. Our motto is: We will do nothing alone that we can do together. Because of our widespread network among missions leaders and churches, both stateside and internationally, we are a 'one-stop-shop' for information, consultation and resources. Bringing best practices into the planning and implementation process raises the standard of excellence for missions in Churches of Christ. MRN is setting the pace for more productive global outcomes.

MRN advances strategic thinking and collaboration by the following:

  • Providing venues for experts in the world Christian movement to speak
    to our fellowship
  • Training church and missions leaders in cutting edge concepts like
    Church Planting Movements
  • Facilitating Global Strategy Groups comprised of missions specialists,
    church leaders and missionaries for selected countries
  • Collaborating widely in the planning and execution of missions events,
    the International Missions Database for Churches of Christ and other

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2 | Equip for Missions

We believe that local churches are essential to evangelistic outreach, yet few are equipped for the task. That is why we are dedicated to equip missions committees and elderships with the tools and expertise they need for effective missions leadership by providing regional Stewards of the Mission workshops and the triennial Global Missions Conference.

Additionally, MRN offers the following services to assist local churches:

  • Printed and electronic resources, including our online library, to help
    sending churches become better stewards of God's global mission
  • Missions curricula for Bible classes and training for Bible school
  • Informed consulting services for key missions churches

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3 | Plant Churches Worldwide

Helping churches to plant churches is a one of our major thrusts. We recruit, train, and mentor mission teams for long-term reproducible church-planting. Teams that we have helped to equip are now planting churches in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific. These teams are all stewarded and supported by local churches. We have on staff a facilitator for church planting for each of these continents and they are assisted by continent-specific Advisory Panels comprised of respected national Christians and current or former missionaries to that continent. Our efforts on each continent are overseen by elderships whose congregations are focused on their respective continent.

MRN provides these church planting services:

  • Prioritized list of strategic sites for new church plantings on each
  • Recruiting of mission teams
  • A kingdom-centered Team Preparation Process shaped around the
    incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ
  • On-going coaching and mentoring, as requested, to insure the faithful
    reproduction of churches

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4 | Nurture Missionaries and Their Families

Cross-cultural missionaries are subject to many stressors that most of us never face. Culture shock, language acquisition, loneliness, and insufficient screening often take a heavy toll. Expertise is now available. Led by our highly qualified Director for Missionary Care and a nationwide network of Christian healthcare professionals, we provide pre-field missionary assessments, on-field nurturing, and post-field cultural re-entry services. Missionaries and their families are worthy of special care and honor. We help churches do this well.

We provide the following:

  • Promote emotional and spiritual wellness
  • Psychological and emotional assessment of missionary candidates
  • Provide materials and mentors to those in church-planting efforts
  • Assist churches and missionaries through each stage of the missionary
    life-cycle (Recruitment, Preparation, Service, and Retirement)

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Churches, individuals and Christian foundations contribute most of our funding. Additional funds are generated from services rendered to churches and missionaries.

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Key benefits of Missions Resource Network to local churches and the missionaries they support include:

Greater productivity
Strategic planning and best practices result in more faithful stewardship of the gospel.

Improved communication and joint planning
These can maximize the resources and enhance the outcomes.

Increased church plantings worldwide
Mobilizing church-planting teams for strategic locations worldwide yields a greater harvest for the Lord.

Decreased costs
Sending better-screened, better-prepared mission teams with prayerfully written goals and strategies will reduce the overall cost of world evangelism.

Better stewardship of human lives
Improved missionary care will produce greater longevity with fewer missionary casualties due to emotional or spiritual breakdowns.

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