January Update: MedRim Prayer Movement

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Thank you for faithfully praying each month for the MedRim Initiative. God is moving! Below is an update from the "L" family who just launched to Thessaloniki in December.

The first few weeks of transition were full of tears as we stepped into the holidays and left our family and friends. Yet, we have seen and felt God's presence around every corner.

Our entire family, including the four kids, have now settled and are back to life - lots of laughing and making friends from many nations. We are thankful to Jesus who has met their needs. (And ours!) They started school this week but due to unusual amounts of snow and ice, they have only gone for two HOURS out of the three days!

We found a home and God surprised us with amazing windows and a beautiful view. We give Him full credit as this home is so special! We have so many open doors here and have spent time with many refugees . The people coming to Jesus are such sincere believers and we are moved by their stories and faith in Jesus.

We would love prayer for a good friend for each of our kids. We also desire to hear clearly as to which camps/people groups to commit our time to and who to invest in. Please also pray for the faith, families, protection, maturing, and boldness of the inside leaders at the refugee camps. Right now we have four (Iranian and Syrian) leaders who are instrumental in the work. One of them has already baptized 50 in the past six months.

We are honored to be a part of what God is doing. It’s beautiful. Thank you for praying for and loving us.

Ashley WarrenMedRim