October Update: MedRim Prayer Movement

MRN_June 2019_prayer card_2.jpg

Jesus once told his disciples that the harvest is ready and that it will be bigger than the church is ready for. Over the last months, we’ve challenged you to pray that the Lord of the harvest would prepare hearts to come into His kingdom, and He is moving! There is no question that the Spirit is at work in the souls of Muslim people living around the MedRim.

The thing is, Jesus also told us to ask the Lord for harvesters. He warned us that He is preparing a harvest so bountiful that there won't be enough people to bring it in—unless, that is, we ask Him to send more workers! This month, we are asking you to pray about the harvesters, about the missionaries God is preparing to go into the MedRim. 

We have a team of six adults (and one two-year old!) almost finished with their training here at MRN preparing to launch into the MedRim. Pray that their vision would become even clearer, that their team would be shaped into a useful tool in God’s hands, and that the Spirit would go ahead of them to live into the good works prepared in advance for them. Pray also for churches and families to be moved to support these new workersfinancially, yes, but also in prayer.

We are also in the beginning stages of working with another team of eight adults who want to be sent by God into the MedRim. They are themselves the products of a thriving disciple-making movement spreading across eastern Cuba and now feel God leading them into cross-cultural ministry. Pray for them, and pray also for us as we at MRN discern how to assess, equip, and empower a team of Cuban disciple makers to go into the MedRim. Only a God as wonderfully creative as ours could ever have given us this opportunity…but we need His blessing to turn this opportunity into an accomplished fact!

Finally, pray for more! We stand ready to equip and empower future workers to the MedRim; please stop and pray right now to ask God to prepare more of them to go!

Thank you for praying. We couldn't do what we do without your faithful support.