May Update: MedRim Prayer Movement


On May 5, nearly two billion Muslims around the world will begin their holy month of Ramadan. More than one in five people around the world will mark this month with fasting from food and drink during daylight hours as one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a season for faithfulness and acts of special devotion.

Because this month is so significant, it is a great opportunity for Christ followers to pray for Muslims. During a month in which the minds and hearts of Muslims around the world are especially attuned to spiritual matters, we ought to ask that God would act in special, surprising ways to reach His children still in Islam .

To help you know how to pray, here are a few resources we’d like to point you to:

God has a marvelous track record of turning things on their head and working good in every situation!

Join us in praying that God would somehow, in His magnificent grace, turn the month of Ramadan into one of the tools He uses to call His Muslim children to Himself ! May the Lord answer the prayers of His people!

Thank you for praying. Your faithful prayer and financial support are changing lives. We truly believe we are better together.


Ashley WarrenMedRim