June Update: MedRim Prayer Movement

God is moving in the MedRim in exciting ways. Below is an update from Brad & Cleria, members of the MedRim team in Athens, on how God is using them and how you can specifically pray for the work they are involved in.

Dixon 1.jpg

While riding public transportation a few months ago, we met a Turkish family and have since become close friends. They fled Turkey due to being targeted by the government. They lost their jobs, passports, and feared imprisonment (or worse) just for being in opposition to the current administration

We were honored to spend an evening with them breaking fast in our home during their Ramadan celebration. They took us through their fast-breaking ritual beginning at 8:43 p.m. with dates, other fruits and vegetables, soup, and meat. We ended the meal with tea and coffee around 12:30 a.m.! 

They were eager to ask us questions about Christianity and wanted to know what fasting looked like for Christians, so we shared Matthew 6:16-18. They began explaining what the Qu'ran teaches about Jesus and then simply asked, "What do you believe about Jesus?" We spent the next hour talking through the Old Testament covenants and then on to the New Testament. We were thrilled to share Jesus with this family. They shared they had been praying for friends and believe we are an answer to their prayers

We are praying God would open the door for more spiritual conversations and that their hearts would be open to hearing the Truth. Please pray God will grow our friendship and that He will use us to reveal Himself to them.

Face blurred for safety reasons.

Cleria recently met a lady from the northern region of Afghanistan. She moved to Athens a few years ago as a refugee. She is a single mom with three children and has been attending a local outreach ministry where Cleria spends her time. During a time of devotion, she shared a dream where she encountered Jesus. She stated that she saw a bright fire and a man in white come out of the fire untouched and unharmed. The man said to her, "Stop doubting I am alive and I died for you."

Since then, she has met secretly with a native speaking Christian to learn more about Jesus. She is worried that she will be targeted by her Muslim neighbors if she admits that she has become a Christian. (In order to protect her safety, we have blurred her face in the photo above.) Will you pray with us that she continues to encounter Jesus and that those who are typically closed off to the Gospel will become more open? Please pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to more people and pray that they will be overwhelmed with His Glory and no longer able to deny him.