Serving Missionaries

Missionaries are ordinary people who have caught God's vision for the world. The challenges of their extraordinary task expose them to unusual dangers in a culture not their own. More than a few missionaries have fallen on the field of battle. Some have suffered from burnout and depression; most have had periods of extreme loneliness and feelings of abandonment.

Decades of experience have proven that works are more stable when:

  1. They are prepared for the unique challenges before they go
  2. They have support systems to sustain them on the filed
  3. They have a plan to come home well.

MRN’s experienced and credentialed staff helps prepare the missionaries and the churches who send them to make sure all three needs are in place.

Serving Churches as They Care for Their Missionaries

If you are not a missionary, perhaps you are a Christian who is concerned about the welfare of missionaries your church has sent to the field. You know that some missionaries have been wounded by "friendly fire" when sponsoring churches lacked sensitivity and you don't want your church to be responsible for that kind of tragedy. Or maybe you are a member of a missionary's extended family. Your missionaries are dear to your heart because they are also bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh.

Our staff provides numerous workshops and consultations for elders and missions committees nationwide. Topics include general missionary care principles, reentry needs, writing of missionary care policies; we can also share learning on topics that address your specific areas of need.

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Mark Brazle, Director for Missionary Care, has experience as a "Missionary Kid," as a Missionary (with his wife in Belgium for 16 years), and now as a Parent of Missionaries.

Dorris Schulz, Ph.D., Co-Director for Missionary Care, a 15-year veteran of missionary service in the Netherlands and former Professor of Psychology and Family Studies, and Director of Counseling Services, York College in Nebraska.

Dale Hawley, Ph.D., Associate Director of Missionary Care, is an Associate Professor of Family Science and Family Therapy at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and serves with Mission Resource Network as Associate Director for Missionary Care.

 Mark, Dottie, and Dale are aided by a nationwide advisory panel of mental health providers.

Before You Go

There are particular emotional and spiritual strengths that will help you succeed in living in another culture. To ensure that you have the strengths to excel in working cross-culturally we will prayerfully assess your emotional and spiritual health and assist you in further preparation. You may be a member of a mission team, and we strongly encourage such partnerships in missions. "A chord of three strands is not easily broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12). We can increase your team's effectiveness by guiding you through interpersonal dynamics, conflict resolution, and roles discovery.  

  • Candidate Application Profile
  • Assessment Instruments
  • Why Psychological Assessment of Candidates is Necessary
  • Identification of Candidate's Gifts and Their Roles on the Team
  • Group Dynamics Workshop
  • Workshop for Extended Families
  • National Network for Parents of Missionaries
  • Articles and Bibliographies
  • Selected References for Parents of Missionaries

Identification of Candidate's Gifts and Their Roles on the Team

The Lord has endowed you with with skills to contribute to the movement of the Body of Christ. Your effectiveness and peace on the field will be enhanced by identifying some of your abilities and roles on the team before leaving for the field.

Group Dynamics Workshop

Research shows that the chief problem missionaries, like you, face is their relationship with coworkers. This workshop provides a way for you or your team to discover potential problems and resolutions.

Workshop for the Extended Families

How hard was it for Eunice and Lois to see Timothy leave with Paul (Acts 16)? Scripture doesn't say, but when your family watches you depart for the field, they will know how Timothy's parents felt. This workshop ministers to the extended families by answering their questions and allaying their fears.

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