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Missions Resource Network

1903 Central Drive, Suite 410
Bedford, TX 76021


Local: 1-817-267-2727
Toll Free: 1-888-641-2229

Fax: 1-817-267-2626

Email addresses:

General - missions@MRNet.org
Dan Bouchelle - dan.bouchelle@MRNet.orgPresident
Mark Brazle - mark.brazle@MRNet.orgMissionary Care Specialist
Mark Hooper - mark.hooper@MRNet.orgDirector for Asian Missions
Evertt Huffard - evertt.huffard@MRNet.orgFacilitator for Church Equipping
Phil Jackson - phil.jackson@MRNet.orgDirector for European Missions
Jay Jarboe - jay.jarboe@MRNet.orgVice President for Ministry Operations
Jeremy Pierce - jeremy.pierce@MRNet.orgDirector for Missionary Care
Dottie Schulz - dottie.schulz@MRNet.orgMissionary Care Volunteer
Chris Shelby - chris.shelby@MRNet.orgDirector for African Missions
Caleb Southerland - caleb.southerland@MRNet.orgDirector for Recruiting and Training
Kelley Spies - kelley.spies@MRNet.orgBookkeeper (part-time)
Rita Thornton - rita.thornton@MRNet.orgAdministrative Assistant
Marti Van Roy - marti.vanroy@MRNet.orgOffice Manager
Greg Williams - greg.williams@MRNet.orgFacilitator for Sustainable Missions
Karen Yarbrough - karen.yarbrough@MRNet.orgDirector of Development