God’s mission is huge. It not only encompasses the entire planet but, according to Ephesians, it also serves celestial purposes beyond our grasp. Jesus’ final command calls us to take the good news of Jesus to what is now well over 7 billion people in over 200+ countries on 6 continents. It requires us to engage thousands of people groups, each with unique languages and cultures, and all of them in transition.

Missions can be overwhelming for even the most knowledgeable and experienced people. That is not only true for American churches but for churches around the world. We need to work together and learn from each other. To partner globally, someone has to serve in a coordinating role so that the larger body of Christ can work well together.  That is where MRN comes in.

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MRN seeks to be the connective tissue that helps churches and ministries around the world, without trying to direct or control anyone. MRN has a network of relationships on each continent that are already connecting churches and ministries. For example, in just the last 5 years, MRN has connected 31 global ministries for more powerful global service together.

While most of our mobilizing work does not involve MRN’s long-term involvement, we have three ongoing mobilization efforts that require much of our time and energy:


Global Launch Sites (GLS)

We have formal partnerships with 7 global partners on 5 continents where international ministries take the lead with MRN’s support to advance God’s Kingdom in their region of the world. Just since 2010, our GLS partnerships have produced well over hundreds of new churches and thousands of baptisms. Our GLS partnerships are the following:

  1. Africa Transformation Network, Kigali, Rwanda (2013)
  2. Coalition of 3 Churches in Bangalore, India (2014)
  3. Korea Christian University, Seoul, South Korea (2016)
  4. Otumoetai Church and South Pacific Bible College, Tauranga, New Zealand (2012)
  5. Pasir Panjang Church, Singapore (2010)
  6. Seisso Street Church, Pretoria South Africa (2012)
  7. Varazdin Church, Varazdin, Croatia (2013)
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Mediterranean Rim Initiative

In 2016, we began hearing God’s call to launch a new ministry to the Islamic community in North Africa and among immigrants and refugees in Europe the "Mediterranean Rim."  This ministry will draw our GLS partners and American churches into a strategic plan to make disciples of people who have moved from hard to reach or inaccessible Islamic countries to accessible countries.

We are praying that God will create powerful disciple making movements among the peoples of the Mediterranean Rim. But a prayer movement always comes before a disciple making movement. Will you join the movement and be a part of what God is doing in a region of our world long thought unreachable?

Please go to and sign up today to join the movement. 

And if your church is interested in being part of this historic opportunity, or if you would like more information, please contact our President, Dan Bouchelle, at


Sustainable Missions/Resource Sustainability

For many years, American-supported missions have unintentionally created an environment of  dependency. While some strides have already been made to develop leadership for the global church, financial dependency must still be addressed. Since October 2014, Greg Williams has been working for MRN to develop the tools necessary to help the global church become more self-sustaining. This work has been collaborative from the beginning as Greg has worked with Christian Relief Fund, Healing Hands International, Lipscomb University, Africa Transformation Network and numerous other ministries, to find ways to promote sustainability in indigenous areas around the world together.

To learn more about this work, visit our "Sustainable Missions" page or email Greg.