Forming disciples who make disciples

MRN has been preparing followers of Christ to do cross-cultural evangelism since 1998. With over 100 total years of field experience representing every continent, MRN’s staff is well equipped and experienced to prepare others for mission fields throughout the world. In its first decade of existence, MRN emphasized a team approach to plant churches similar to what we experience in the US. While this was good, we were not content with the result. We are not just seeking a few congregations, but a self-replicating movement of disciples.  We now equip families or individuals who live cross-culturally to begin movements of disciples who produce more culturally relevant and sustainable churches that can replicate themselves rapidly. Disciple-makers can be full-time or vocational, but all are prepared to be catalysts that exemplify being a follower of Christ and produce other disciple-makers.
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When invited by churches to assist in the preparation of their missionaries, MRN seeks to prepare the individual and family holistically. This includes preparation in the following areas:

  • 1) Assessment

    Psychological, marriage, and family assessment for the task

  • 2) Spirituality

    Spiritual formation and the development of spiritual disciplines, especially prayer

  • 3) Calling

    Discernment and adherence to the personal call from God

  • 4) Covenants

    Accountability in the relationships that matter the most in ministry

  • 5) Theology

    Ministry must be founded in the God of Mission and the Mission of God

  • 6) Strategy

    Making disciples and disciple makers that leads to indigenous, reproducing churches

  • 7) Care

    Self awareness and caring for one's personal, emotional, and family life

  • 8) Launch

    Final preparations with church and family for launch to the field


Missionary Preparation is customized to fit three different categories of potential missionary scenarios.

Long Term (5+ years)

This has been our standard approach requiring a commitment of missionaries to a field and to the teammates. We highlight Team dynamics and interpersonal relationships in this preparation approach that includes the eight categories above. Also, how each member of the team fits into the overall strategy of the mission effort is explored and a plan is developed.

Mid Term (2-5 years)

Rather than limit our potential workers to those willing to make long term commitments to pioneer new works in an unreached area or people group, we now also train those would feel called to a shorter commitment where they can join an existing work and accelerate it’s impact.. The mid-term missionary concept prepares the missionary to be the next wave of workers in a particular field. This may involve a partnership with Let’s Start Talking ministries, or a vocational approach such as English teachers or working in the coffee industry. Making disciples and training local leaders on the field will be primary emphases in this work.

Missionary Internship (Imprint)

A more relational-oriented preparation process that involves mentoring as the key component. All of the above areas are addressed in practical and relational contexts, with immediate application and experience in the training locale before going to the proposed field. Training is done through four dimensions: relational, experiential, spiritual, and instructional. The internship prepares missionaries to make an immediate impact on the field.