Missions Resource Network exists to help churches make disciples of Jesus all over the world.


Over 7 billion people reside on this planet and our population grows by two inhabitants every second!

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be 9.5 billion people living on Earth.

These are the demographics, but what is the religious picture? Those claiming adherence to any Christian faith account for only 33% of the world's population. While there are some nations with strong churches and widespread access to the Gospel, many nations have almost none of either. Every nation is a mission field on every continent and no congregation of believers can fulfill out collective mission in isolation.

We American Christians need a more global vision, one that enables us to see people worldwide with spiritual eyes. Our wealth, technology, and numbers require that we accept our stewardship responsibility to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those without hope.

This stewardship calls us to join hands in collaboration with all believers, those in America and those around the world, to effectively use our cumulative resources to advance God's kingdom on this earth. The Lord has promised to 'be with us always.' It is God's global mission and now is the time!


Missions Resource Network was established in 1998, to help autonomous congregations, originally from a Church of Christ background, serve the mission of God more effectively.

Our Mission: MRN exists to help disciples make disciples worldwide.

We do this by providing mobilizing, equipping, preparing, and caring for our kingdom partners.

These partners are churches, missionaries, and para-church ministries around the globe who share our vision and calling. We seek to be catalysts who cultivate movements of disciples on every continent where God grants us access and leads us to serve.

Mobilizing - casting vision to advance God's work together
Equipping - helping churches make disciples worldwide
Preparing - forming disciples who make disciples
Caring - keeping disciple-makers effective and whole


Churches, individuals and Christian foundations contribute most of our funding. Additional funds are generated from services rendered to churches and missionaries.


Key benefits of Missions Resource Network to local churches and the missionaries they support include:

  • Greater productivity
    Strategic planning and best practices result in more faithful stewardship of the gospel.

  • Improved communication and joint planning
    These can maximize the resources and enhance the outcomes.

  • Increased church plantings worldwide
    Mobilizing disciple-making teams for strategic locations worldwide yields a greater harvest for the Lord.

  • Decreased costs
    Sending better-screened, better-prepared mission teams with prayerfully written goals and strategies will reduce the overall cost of world evangelism.

  • Better stewardship of human lives
    Improved missionary care will produce greater longevity with fewer missionary casualties due to emotional or spiritual breakdowns.