How Can MRN Help Your Church?

Missions Resource Network helps equip churches in their mission, helps prepare church planting teams, provides missionary care resources, and collaborates with churches and mission ministries in acting more strategically in our global mission.  We are convicted that the church is God’s instrument in accomplishing His mission to the world.

In recent years, we have noticed two realities that churches are facing.  Both are greatly influenced by our ever-changing world.

Last year:


U.S. churches/leaders


International churches/leaders

First, churches are sending out missionaries that are facing a new world with new challenges, and often there is not a clearly defined understanding between the church and their missionaries regarding the mission work that needs to be advanced on the foreign field. Churches need to understand and experience the preparation that a missionary would receive in order to properly equip and steward their mission work.
Second, the United States is now the 3rd largest mission field. American churches are not only sending missionaries, they are being sent as missionaries to their own mission field in their back yard. The gaps between church culture and the cultures of various people groups in our secularized country are larger than ever.  There is a need for churches and disciples here in America to receive special training like that provided to mission families going to a different country with the good news of Jesus.  Missions Resource Network has responded to the reality that churches are facing by recalibrating our mission team training to be received by churches that are called to send and be sent into mission fields across the street and around the world.

How can your church be equipped to join God in His mission both locally and globally?

MRN is joining churches in their mission journey in four ways:


1) Renewing Your Mission Vision

A six-hour lab offered to a church’s mission leadership.  This interactive lab introduces the need for all of us to have a strong biblical foundation for our mission, which is rooted in the nature of God.  In this lab, the church’s leadership is able to come together to evaluate your current mission outreach and establish beginning action steps to move forward in joining God to share the message of His grace.


2) Specially Focused Training Modules

Special needs arise in this mission journey which requires focused attention and resources. MRN or one of our partners can provide a church with specially focused training modules which will address specific needs. Such modules may include:

  • How to Care for Your Missionaries / Members who are “on mission”

  • The Foundations of Spiritual Formation

  • Building a Healthy Team

  • Establishing Your Mission Goals and Policies

  • How to Understand and Exegete the Culture Around You

  • Evaluating Your Missions Ministry

  • Raising Partners in the Mission


3) Church Equipping Four-Lab Process

A 12 to 18 month discovery and growth process which is designed to help a church reconnect with the God of mission, the mission of God and make steps of faith in being disciples and making disciples locally and globally.  This equipping process is based in Four Discovery Labs, with practical faith-filled steps which are taken between each lab as the church grows through the mission process.

Lab #1 – Rediscovering the God of Mission - identifies the nature of God and allows the church to align her identity in Him.  The outcome of this lab identifies values which describe God and His people and empowers obedience-based faith development. Learn more

Lab #2 – Rediscovering the Mission of God - aligns the church’s defined purpose with God’s nature.  The process will help articulate the church’s mission, vision and values as is revealed by the Model in mission, Jesus. Learn more

Lab #3 – Rediscovering our Model in Mission - facilitates a group discovery process of disciple-making principles and covenants that empowers the church’s effort to join God in His mission.  The product of this lab is an action plan and mechanisms of accountability which will develop an environment in which God forms His disciples. Learn more

Lab #4 – Living On Mission - captures the church’s learning experience and defines the next steps and resources to move forward with the mission action plan. Learn more


4) Equipping Through Coaching

We are not interested in simply providing resources that are not translated into faith-filled action steps that lead to God’s transforming power.  A church can benefit from an outside coach who joins their servant leaders to help establish their mission plan and then to take the persistent steps of faith which will lead to disciples living on mission with Jesus.  A coaching relationship can be established with an MRN partner, which will empower the plan that is being developed in the Church Equipping Four Lab process.  Regular communication, access to needed resources and the accountability provided in the coaching relationship can help the church move forward in their mission journey.

People in churches around the world are hungry to join God in His mission.  Some are discouraged. Some are fearful.  Yet, all have access to the power of God. God’s kingdom is strong and churches are being called and challenged to join God in his kingdom mission. Missions Resource Network does not have all of the answers nor do we claim to be experts.  We simply want to use our resources to journey with your church as you seek to engage God and His mission for the waiting world in need of the good news of Jesus.  Contact us to investigate options for your church.

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